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Eat my wheat.

One thing I find really bothersome about Kansas is that even though it's the so-called Wheat State, it really lacks the quantity and quality of bakeries you can find in other states. I remember when I went to Northern California a couple of years ago--there was about one bakery for every four hippies. All of the bakeries were really good there.

There's something really fucked up with a wheat-producing state where people eat mass-produced supermarket bread, instead of fresh artisan breads made by competent bakers. I hope this changes.
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Hola, Christi the mod again. I updated the userinfo. If there's anything you guys would like to see there, or anything you feel should be removed, pls let me know.

Also, what would everyone think about a shindig at my place say, the Sunday before Christmas? Lemme know, you should all have my number (or coincidentally sleep in the bedroom across from mine, kamikaze53....). It'll be gravy.
xoxo, Christi
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Hello! This is your friendly neighborhood moderator. I hope this'll be fun. If anyone knows of anything going on in the area, please do feel free to post it. Any questions, concerns, send em to kalliapi@hotmail.com.
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