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Eat my wheat.

One thing I find really bothersome about Kansas is that even though it's the so-called Wheat State, it really lacks the quantity and quality of bakeries you can find in other states. I remember when I went to Northern California a couple of years ago--there was about one bakery for every four hippies. All of the bakeries were really good there.

There's something really fucked up with a wheat-producing state where people eat mass-produced supermarket bread, instead of fresh artisan breads made by competent bakers. I hope this changes.
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hey - i dont live in hays but my grandparents and cousins do. anyways, this coming summer a group of us are planning on driving a school bus across the country and we're going to be stopping in hays. i was wondering 2 things: 1. do any of you guys wanna hang out with us? we'll only be there for a night and 2. where can we legally park a school bus over night without getting in any trouble?

I actually don't live in Hays any more--otherwise I'd be glad to hang out with you. I'm now in Tucson, Arizona. As far as parking a bus in Hays, I think you should be safe just about anywhere--barring any of the usual exceptions like tow-away zones. I don't know of any neighborhoods where residential parking permits are required. I haven't been back for a few years, but I doubt that much has changed in that regard.

You should be able to park in just about any residential area. There's also a park in the south part of town, where as far as I know, there aren't any parking regulations. I can't remember the name of it, but if you ask any local where Big Creek is--or where the bison are--they should be able to tell you. You could probably get away with parking at the Mall as well.